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No matter the size or duration of the project, our Temporary Professionals can provide the legal support you need 

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Temporary Legal Staffing

TR Grace has a large database of dedicated, professional and experienced temporary professionals who will meet your need for temporary legal services with quality, cost-efficient work. Including temps in a staffing plan provides a hedge against a declining workload and provides permanent staff with a higher degree of job security.  Our research and our clients' feedback shows that using temporary legal help keeps your overhead costs in check and allows you to complete your work overflow on time and on budget.  Cut your administrative costs by using TR Grace temporary professionals, as we cover workers’ compensation, and unemployment and payroll taxes, and we are responsible for generating annual earnings statements.

Using temporary help also provides you with another intangible benefit of being able to evaluate a professional temporary's work before extending a permanent offer, if there is such an opportunity. TR Grace's conversion fee is less than other permanent staffing firms in the area.

Clients often want to know who are TR Grace’s professionals and why they are willing to accept temporary assignments in the first place. Among our candidates are:

  • A new law school graduate who graduated in the top 15% of his/her class and wants experience at a large local firm.
  • An attorney with over 10 years experience who took time off to raise children and wants to ease back into the workplace.
  • A career temp attorney who likes the flexibility and variety temp work provides.
  • Recent victims of corporate downsizing who have families to support and are willing to take any work as it comes.
  • Solo practitioners looking to supplement their income.
  • A recently transplanted well respected attorney who moved to follow his/her spouse's career path.
  • An attorney who wants to come back to his/her home state to be closer to his/her family.
  • A semi-retired paralegal with extensive experience who enjoys the flexibility of temp work at this point in his/her career.

Whether you are an experienced employer of temporary help, or are new to this staffing tool, TR Grace professionals are eager to partner with you to find the best solution possible.

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